About Us

Hey ya'll! My name is Sthefanie and I am the super proud owner and mastermind behind The Black Daisy. 

In early 2016 I decided that I would finally use my love for fashion and all things unique for something good.  The Black Daisy is not about the numbers; it's about empowering women and helping them love who is looking back at them in the mirror.  With so much hate and competition in the world I fight to come together as a community because don't we have enough problems in the world already?

The Black Daisy is an eclectic boutique because we don't fit any style!  We consider ourselves the glittery grandma with too much red lipstick unicorn in the boutique world.  We think anyone can wear anything they want because fashion is such a fun way to express yourself!

As a mother of two wild thing boys, a law enforcement wife, a military wife, and a woman of faith with a crazy testimony; I am here to say YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WORK FOR!  Your past does not define your future!

I hope you LOVE The Black Daisy and I hope to meet you at the store!

Philippians 4:13