Our Mission

At The Black Daisy we are about so much more than just rad clothes.  We are about rad women.  We are about YOU.

Society is always telling us what we should wear, what we should like, how much we should weigh, what we should eat, and every other aspect about us that we should change.

We don't want you to change who YOU are.  We believe in bettering ourselves, because we can always be a better version of ourselves.  BUT, what makes you the magical person that you are, is you just beingYOU.  We each hold our own magic, don't let anyone take that way from you.

We fully believe in empowering every woman to feel her best and be her best.  We want to dress like YOU.  We want you to look like YOU.  We want you to love YOU.

There is only one you so go out and conquer.

We love our Black Daisy girl gang!